Privacy Policy

Space-Time Engineering, LLC (below, “STE”) strictly protects personal data.

1. Acquisition of personal data 
Acquisition of personal data will be accomplished with an appropriate means, and utilization purpose will be declared, acknowledged and expressed. STE prohibits any unjustified handling of personal data. 

2. Usage of personal data
Personal data will be used only for business, and STE must gain agreement unless otherwise agreed as follows:
(1) For product inquiry and estimation use
(2) For product shipment use 
(3) For information use regarding seminar, products and services 
(4) For product and service quality improvement

3. Security for personal data
STE uses protected data base and takes appropriate measures to prevent the leakage of personal data.

4. Charge of personal data
STE will make nondisclosure agreement first when entrusting all or part of the business handling personal data to a third party. 

5. Disclosure of personal data
STE will disclose personal data at first hand when it’s requested. 
If you wish to have your personal data declared, disclosed or revised, please contact STE via inquiry form.

6. Change of privacy policy
STE may change/update Privacy policy accordingly. Please contact us when you have any questions or concerns about this statement or STE’s handling of your personal data.

March, 2010
Space-Time Engineering, LLC